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Oral Health

Healthy gums are the foundation for your teeth, much like the foundation for your house. Healthy gums provide the support needed for your teeth to function as they should. Having unhealthy gums is like having termites in the foundation of your house. To the untrained eye everything seems fine, but progressive and often irreversible damage is being done.


What Do Healthy Gums Look Like?

• Light pink in color (darker for people with darker complexions)
• Stippled, much like the surface of an orange
• Not tender or swollen
• No bleeding when brushing or flossing


Gum disease (Periodontitis) is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults. It can be a "silent" disease because it is rarely painful, especially in the early stages. Bleeding Gums are often the first the first sign of developing gum disease.

Oral Health is Linked
with Overall Health

Gum disease can affect more than just your smile! The American Association of Periodontology states that some research studies have linked gum disease with heart disease and stroke. The American Dental Association has reported recent studies that suggest a link between P. gingivalis, the leading bacteria associated with gum disease, and Alzheimer's disease.


Keeping Your Mouth Healthy

Prevention and early detection are your best defenses against gum disease and tooth decay.

• Brush and floss daily.
• Visit the dentist regularly.
• Follow the dentist's and hygienist's instructions for any special needs you may have, including specialized gum treatments, deep cleanings, sealants, fluoride applications, or appropriate restorations.
• Get x-rays regularly. Cavities are simplest to treat when caught early.

Prevident and Periogard

Many dentists prescribe Prevident toothpaste and Periogard mouth rinse for patients, when indicated. We keep these prescription items stocked in our office to save you a trip to the pharmacy. Pick up a refill at your next appointment or stop by at your convenience.